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Unique Star provides the best technical services that bring excellent responsive outputs. And it is into serving extensive CCTVs for more than a decade. We deal with the products, including CCTV, IP CCTV, Biometric Machines, Fire Detector, and so on. Not just providing these services, but we also help users to assemble and operate the product. 

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Provide All Kind of Technology Accessories

Along with the CCTV set-up in Amritsar and Punjab, we also provide some essential services. For example, serving Biometric machines so that you can have access to the online attendance. You can use Biometric tool to maintain a proper work environment. 


CCTV Installation

We deliver best in all types of CCTV whether it be wired or wireless. And for the ease of users, we provide our services throughout the Amritsar and Punjab. Our primary purpose is to provide the best out of all for extraordinary comfort. We follow the high-quality, driven approach for advancement and growth. 

IT Services

Including CCTV and Biometric, Unique Star also deals with some advanced technologies. In the name of advanced technologies here comes CCTV PRO. Users prefer CCTV PRO because it facilitates you with some premium advantages to help secure your business. It is compatible with PC and Workstations as well so that you can efficiently operate it as per your need. Next, you can look forward with us as we fix it for IT companies throughout the Amritsar and Punjab. 

Digital Marketing

A smartly designed website could help you score a new range amongst users. Such active sites attract users in the long run because these webpages drive unique content that relies upon various directions. 

Mobile Setup View

We help users launch CCTV in their mobile phones for a handy experience. Doing this, you will get the portable CCTV view in your cell phones via internet services. This technique help users access CCTV screens on mobiles as well from any corner of the world. Therefore, it covers the distance with this convenient feature and so attracts the users. 


Our Services Feedback

We aim to provide the best out of all and deals with some advanced technologies. With this in mind to enhance your business to reach the next level. For this purpose, we offer CCTV, CCTV PRO, Biometric Machines, Network Firewalls etc. And also we help users assemble all the tools with their device, for example, CCTV with your mobiles. Hence, this brings portability in your work and help you complete tasks smoothly within a short period.

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