It is a service approval document that clarifies the disclaimer of Unique Star. The disclaimer over provided services, tools, products and software as well. In addition to this, we would like to clarify that we do not entertain any warranty, guarantee, and limitation on the supplied services. In case you purchase any third party product from us then we can only provide you with its warranty. But we are not answerable to its compatibility, quality, efficiency and certainty when practically used by a user. In case if you purchase any third party product, then you will get a warranty and license authorization. Then besides the Unique Star, the third party will only be answerable to all the software and services. 

No matter what, Unique Star has no responsibility for the sold services and products. Including any differences in your IT supplies like hardware or software. 


Exclusion of Damages

Under no circumstances, Unique Star is suspected and subjected to the given service. Regardless of any charge, whether it be any deal, any direct or indirect event. Including any minor flaw, restriction or loss of usage. Any harm to the data, content, files or hidden details will not be entertained or claimed to the Unique Star. 

Limitation of Liability

Shall under no circumstances, maximizes the liability of Unique Star. To a certain extent, agreed by the applied law for the charged claim damages. Else, the fee you pay will get increase as stated by the implemented laws. 


Right to Subcontract Services

You accept that Unique Star has the privilege to manage the subcontract in providing services through the directed norms. Moreover, you acknowledge that in case if subcontractors are used to offering any product or service, then the only the subcontractors or third force will be claimed for any disadvantage. 

If you want to inquire to clear your concern, then you can reach out to our technical support service. You can contact them via the provided email address or phone number.

In all honesty, we would like to make it clear that Unique Star have no partnership with any third-party organization. And we have used logo, brand name and trademark just for the unique identification and informational intention. And we are not liable for any service rights and reliefs. In case you wonder for the responsible company, then you are required to contact the subcontractor to figure them out. 


Unique Star is an independent organization, and we are not associated with any relevant company or trademark or brand name.